Hip-hop might have grown up. Rappers got hip to the latest high fashion inspirations and started refining their tastes, dressing lavishly along the way. But there's still that street kid mentality ingrained in the heart of an emcee, mogul, or entertainer that won't perish. Diddy is one hip-hop's biggest success stories, but he still carries himself in the New York cool.

Money isn't an object for Diddy, either. Yes, he recently sported a Givenchy Madonna-print sweatshirt that costs more than a stack, but doesn't look like a Hypebeast that's new to a trend. Diddy confidently rocked the Riccardo Tisci-designed garment which he complemented with his heavy, Mercedes-like chain—posed in a modern rendition of the B-boy stance. Not be outdone, Diddy was joined by Meek Mill who looked fresh in his own way: donning a Louis Vuitton T-shirt and a handful of chains that would make Mr. T blush. Looking at this pic has our necks stiff. We can literally smell the greenbacks through the Instagram. As much as we love when we see rappers in suits, attending fashion shows, and discussing the importance of menswear, it's great to witness the hip-hop swagger that first introduced our palates to the culture and music.

[via iamdiddy]