Belgium-based artist David Mesguich creates big surreal sculptures of female heads. He uses polypropylene sheets or recycled plastic for his 4 x 3 x 2 meter constructions. His project, entitled "Luz 1.0," is meant to depict a character who is trying to defeat physical limitations. The artist himself says, ehem, she conveys "the passage from one dimension to another, from the concrete to the mental world." Well that's clear.

The artist labors for two weeks to create the work, first sketching its shape and plotting its composition (which is perhaps the most stunning part of the piece). After that is completed, he completes a 3D model that comes together like a jigsaw puzzle. Lastly, he spray paints the shapes to create the sculptures' multifaceted effect. He apparently finishes the paint job in four hours.

Mesguich explains that not everyone understands his work. "Some people didn't see a woman's face but a big polygonal, abstract thing," Mesguich said. "I remember a policeman asking me why we put an igloo in front of the police station and a grandma who said 'I hope they won't have it there forever.' A lot of funny situations happened as people tried interacting with the sculpture, each person made up their own story, which was different from mine."

[via MyModernMet]