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When LeBron James rocked a Staple floral crewneck sweater during his post-game press conference, Twitter and Instagram went nuts. Some people hated on the bright item, but more fans wanted to find out who made it and where to buy it. Nobody was more geeked out than Staple founder Jeff Staple, who surprisingly was the last to find out about the news.

Usually, brands worn by celebrities are expensive, custom-made, and hard to get. So it was a big deal and a major shout out for the pigeon crew when the multiple MVP winner chose to wear an attainable and affordable brand. It also helps that Bronny’s one of the best-dressed players in the NBA. 

Bleacher/Report dug a little deeper and went to Staple’s showroom to find out more about the sweater. Lance Fresh interviews Staple lead designer Courtney Walker to get his insights on the whole ordeal. Watch the clip above.

[via Staple]