Barack Obama has had his menswear moment. The leader of the free world recently hosted dapper crooner Justin Timberlake at the White House last week for a soul-themed concert. Timberlake showed Obama his phone at the event, because they were no doubt counting the number of Instagram likes Timberlake's latest #menswear selfie had garnered. 

But today... today is a record day for #menswear dudes. Because Barack Obama is 100% proudly on his suit and tie shit:

Suits and ties. h/t @jtimberlake…

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) May 29, 2013

Sure, President Obama may not be down with a lot of modern menswear trends, but when Michelle is running shit in Thom Browne and you've been photographed in patriotic shutter shades in 2012, then it helps to have a strong suit game. We'll admit, Obama could see a better tailor about the fits on his pants and jackets, but hey—we're menswear nerds—we'll take whatever legitmization we can get. Maybe we should start referring to him as the "Commander-in-Steez."

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