Azealia Banks likes to beef with everyone—that's nothing new. But the rapper's latest feud with A$AP Rocky caught the Internets ablaze, and really brought up a serious discussion of race and image.

Rocky, who originally told The Couveteur that he wasn't a fan of women with darker complexions wearing red lipstick, felt the scorn of one of Banks' Twitter onslaughts for his comments.

To clear things up, Rocky, who was doing an on-air interview for D.C.'s WKYS, explained how the interview really went down. According to the Harlem native, he was interviewed by "Canadian white girls" who wanted to know what color lipstick would look bad on different complexions, in which he answered, "Maybe like a girl that's Wesley Snipes' complexion would look funny with red lipstick, and a girl that really fair-skinned would look funny with orange, or purple lipstick."

Unfortunately, Banks didn't see that side of the conversation. But we're not really sure if anything can stop one of her outrages.

Internet beef aside, check out how fresh Rocky looks in the A Bathing Ape Shark hoodie.

[via WKYS]