Anyone who has visited New York City (or seen a movie filmed on her streets) knows what newsstands looks like in the Big Apple. British, Sweden-based artist Denimu (Ian Berry) combined his love for all things denim with the imagery of the iconic kiosks and created this life-sized replica. The sculpture includes everything one would find in a real newsstand, and every last piece is made out of recycled denim: lotto tickets, sodas, snacks, gossip rags, fashion magazines, post-cards, and of course, newspapers. 

According to the NYC Newsstand Operators Association, there are around 300 newsstands currently operating in the city, down significantly from the close to 1600 stands of the 1950s. Maybe Denimu's art will inspire more people to support the small business owners and keep the remaining newsstands afloat.

[via MyModernMet]