Amazon contacted many different art galleries last week for a meeting in New York slated for this Wednesday. The online retailer hit up galleries that are big and not so big. Why you ask? Well, the company plans on starting a new venture called the Amazon Fine Art Gallery.

In the email, the company doesn't go into specifics but what is clear from the note is that Amazon plans on having art listings via galleries. It reads:

This summer Amazon is planning to launch a Fine Art Gallery where customers will be able to purchase original artwork offered by a select group of invited galleries via You are cordially invited to a special event in New York where we will introduce the Amazon Art marketplace to New York galleries …. We have received overwhelming support from the galleries that have already joined the platform and we would love the opportunity to offer your gallery’s selection in the Amazon Art store.

Amazon seems to be scouting out midlevel markets, many of which have struggled a bit ever since art buying is now a thing rich people now do. It also seems to be making a different play than it did with books and music, shamelessly disregarding other businesses in the field to move to the front. But it also has to be said that Amazon will gain credibility in the art world if backed by art galleries. The full email, which you can read here, suggests that the endeavor may incorporate other sites like Artspace and Artsy in the future. 

[via Hyperallergic / GalleristNY]