Clothes shopping can be a rather expensive hobby. Nothing brings a brighter ray of hope for our dwindling bank accounts than sample sales. Sample sales are brands' last ditch efforts to earn a buck on the merchandise they couldn't sell in the recent and past seasons. Also, it's a great way to keep their clientele and industry connections satisfied.

Any person that shops on a budget lives for sample sales, but of course with something this great there is always a catch. Brands pit their sample sale days so close to one another that it will leave your head spinning and your pockets empty. Shopping the sale requires great fashion taste, being cognizant of your shopping list and necessities, and following your playbook to a T. Once you step onto the battlefield it's any man for himself. No joke, it is a battlefield, and you need the right strategy to get you out alive and onto the next fight. Here's our How to Survive Sample Sale Season Without Going Broke.

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