A lot of college students are currently preparing to transition into "the real world." We've been there, and you need to be prepared. This isn't a place where you can get away with wearing flip-flops, a hoodie, and cargo shorts to everything. Your cool guy streetwear wardrobe won't get you far either, and no matter how dope your sneaker collection is, it won't get you a job (unless you want to shine Russ Bengtson's kicks before he tapes Quickstrike). 

If you want to make it in life, you need to dress the part. And we understand, your finances might be a bit limited, so we've tried to keep everything fairly priced. All of these items can be had for a total of $1,314. Considering it's a complete overhaul of your gear, that's pretty good. Besides, it's about time your closet graduated too. To help you succeed in the real world, we put together A Grown-Up Wardrobe You Can Buy With Your First Paycheck.

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