Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean is the godfather, the O.G. to the menswear heritage blogging scene, or whatever you want to call it. His insight and exclusive access all-across the industry lends a look and expertise that honestly, most of his contemporaries are lacking.

To further give his readers a better inside view at the ever-present but hard to pinpoint heritage industry, Williams took a trip to Barbour's factory in South Shields, U.K. There, Williams not only saw how the brand's famed waxed-cotton jackets were made, but he also had a jacket of his own repaired. And to his surprise, a company that gives off such a rugged look was mainly operated by the nimble hands of seriously-talented women. Fall is a long ways away, but we're already dreaming about breaking out our sticky, waxy jackets with their beloved corduroy collars. How about you?

Click here to view the complete trip.

 [via A Continuous Lean]