When the announcement came on April 1 that A Bathing Ape was collaborating with a 20 different artists, everyone thought it was an April Fools joke. But it’s just a coincidence that Nigo’s brand happens to celebrate its birthday on the same day people like to prank each other. This was no joke.

BAPE assembled the who’s who of the most influential artists in streetwear and invited them to create their own BAPE head designs. The T-shirts with larger graphics were released in Japan. And with artists including Futura, Pharrell, Kanye West, and more involved, it was guaranteed the designs weren’t sitting on the shelves for long. For U.S. fans looking to cop, here’s miniature versions of all 20 designs combined into one T-shirt. It’s a consolation prize, but still awesome for any BAPE fan. Keep an eye on the Bape online store for the drop.

[via Freshnessmag]