How Grunge Influenced Streetwear: Grunge's lasting legacy will always be flannel shirts. In the dreary weather of the northwest, where grunge was born, flannel shirts were popular for their warmth, versatility, and ability to keep the wearer dry. They still serve all these purposes, but streetwear has appropriated the reliable flannel shirt and turned it into a stylish piece. Can't complain when form and function go hand-in-hand.

What's Changed Since Grunge: Flannels have joined the ranks of very rare garments, and can fetch up to several hundred dollars at retail. Taking direct inspiration from grunge, stylish dudes have been tying flannels around their waist for a minute, or simply rocking them open over a crisp T-shirt. The mewelry has also changed from crunchy leather and bead pieces to flashier gold.