The North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA)'s first-ever automotive design exhibition opens on October 12, 2013, bringing together the largest and most diverse group of Porsche cars ever on display in a United States art museum. Titled "Porsche by Design: Seducing Speed," viewers get to see the design evolution of the Porsche aesthetic from the 1930s until now. 

“Porsche by Design brings together one of the most significant collections of Porsches ever 
assembled,” says guest curator, Ken Gross. “More than ‘just a show about cars,’ the exhibition emphasizes the innate beauty of aerodynamic design, inseparably linked with engineering genius. It further illustrates the Porsche family’s ability to stay true, over many decades, to a powerful design history  while remaining on the forefront of technological advances, continually driving automobile design forward. These cars are superlative examples of uncompromised, artfully restrained design, lending visual form and grace to the notion of speed.”  

Watch a preview of the exhibition below:

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