Does your chain hang low? It does if you're Ben Baller and The Hundreds. Last week, the streetwear brand cut the jeweler a check for $500,000 to create the biggest chain, ever. Now, we have the fruits of Baller's labor: a dookie rope and pendant that boasts 26 kilos of 18k gold and 700 carats of diamonds.

This piece of jewelry makes T-Pain's "big ass chain" look meek in comparison. When Nas rapped the lyrics, "Knew they were some millionaires, their ropes were dookie," he would have been right about The Hundreds, too—three times over. The chain has an estimated value of $3,115,000. We're not sure if that's in dollars, Instagram likes, or retweets. Just know that rocking this much weight around your neck could cause a serious case of scoliosis. Wearer be warned, and also the gullible.  

Ben Baller and LOUD have released the episode on this chain below. Check it out: