Being your clique’s designated fashionisto is a challenge. You gotta be able to instantly dig through an obligatory cache of classic hip-hop references, Japanese magazines, Blogspot manifestos and movies especially—they being the dominant visual art form of our time. You don’t ever want to be at a menswear circle jerk with the fashio-economic elite and be the dude looking around blank-faced when somebody makes a terrible joke about Kurosawa inspiring the recent kimono trend.

But movies are long and who has time to watch an entire movie—many of them more than two hours in length—in the Vine era? Isn’t there a Tumblr preloaded with GIFS and one-line synopses of the most stylish films of all time? Unfortunately, not that I know of, but don’t fret, young one. As always, we're here to give you the critical info on critical subjects so your knowledge can reach critical mass. In this spirit of bros helping bros, let's go over the crucial cliff notes on the most essential flicks of menswear's cinematic canon. Keep in mind, you don't have to actually watch these to talk about them in terms of style. I mean, I haven't see, like, half of these and I'm the one writing the definitive guide. Get your notepads ready.

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