49. Vanessa Beecroft

Label: Helmut Lang

Year: 2002

Artist Vanessa Beecroft's 2002 work, VB45, is her largest to date, but it still takes on a similar format to her older works. The women of Beecroft's VB45 work at Jeffrey Deitch's New York City gallery, Patrick Painter, in video and photographic forms. A fleet of supermodel-like women stand starkly in the nude (save for thigh high leather boots), designed specially by Helmut Lang. The performance consists of the women continuing to stand until each individual becomes tired of standing and chooses to sit. VB45 comes to a conclusion when the last woman concedes to sitting.

The entire interaction between audience and subject is an artistic excuse for voyeurism, and Lang's boots not only add to that sentiment, but provide the perfect costume for Beecroft's statuesque participants to become characters that lie somewhere between objectified fetish and a controlling dominatrix. The large grouping accompanied by Lang's eroticizing costumes only add to the work as a "minimalist, military type formation," originally created for the Kunsthalle Wien in February of 2001.


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