35. Meret Probst

Label: Fendi

Year: 2011

The students of Britain's Royal College of Art were offered the opportunity to create installations in the recently opened Sloane Street Fendi boutique. The young artists were encouraged to incorporate surplus materials (like dye, and off cuts of leather) for their installations. Fendi's openness to the students paid off; particularly in the case of Meret Probst's Starting with a Blank Canvas that resided in the front window the Fendi shop was inspired by the colored leather goods of the legendary label. Probst's display begins in stark white canvas, with Fendi purses hanging from the bottom. Then, slowly, a stream of dye is released into a winding polygonal tour down the canvas and subsequently drips onto the canvas, the bags and the display, and transforms this peculiar intervention into a 'decorative and ever-changing picture.'