Year It First Dropped: 2006

In 2006, the Wu-Tang Clan were dropping a slew of solo albums but were more or less reunited since 2004. Oli "POWER" Grant, the Wu's manager and the brains behind Wu-Wear decided to gauge the market to see how strong the Wu-Tang Clan's brand was. In his words, at the time there was "no authentic Wu product on the market for a while. It would first serve as a barometer for where we would go with the  brand, and it was a great marketing tool which got the people fired up and looking around for what would come next." He chose Alife because he felt working with them was a good fit, and like many other brands, had also been influenced and inspired by Wu-Tang. 2006's debut collection sold out quick, and other memorable items followed suit, like the black and yellow Everybody Hi sneakers (and matching "A Wu-Tang Life" shirt) in 2009, and a "R.I.P. ODB" varsity jacket.