Collaborations have been around forever. Real will always recognize real, and people want to work with their friends, or at least folks with a similar outlook and mindset. From music to clothing, creative minds coming together usually results in some pretty dope stuff.

But similar to how musical collaborations sometimes don't pan out, fashion collaborations are equally tricky to master. For one, it has to make complete sense or be so off-the-wall that no one would ever see it coming. The designs have to take both brands to a level neither could achieve on its own, or utilize the power of branding to flip the script on meaning and perception—i.e., is a luxury brand still luxury if it works with a streetwear label? Is sportswear still meant to perform if it's made by a designer?

Granted, no other era has cared about the collabo more than the post-Hypebeast Internet culture. Back in the day, Malcolm McLaren's screenprinting of Seditionaries tees with Vivienne Westwood was a collaboration for sure—just not in the way we think of it today. Same goes for early Stussy collabos done with record labels like Tommy Boy. We define a "fashion collaboration" as a whole new brand or collection done by two (or more) separate entities (company, brand, store, or designer). Special make-ups done by a manufacturer like Alden or Gitman Vintage don't count—that isn't a collaboration, that's design by numbers. 

With that in mind, prepare to argue to your heart's content about who should have made the cut. These are The 30 Best Fashion Collaborations of All Time.

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