Borough: Brooklyn (Flatbush)
Signature style: Tailored garments or leather jackets, a snapback, and pair of Air Jordans.

It's hard to place a thumb on how to categorize Theophilus London's musical genre. The same can be said for his style, too. Yes, he raps, but his music isn't definitively hip-hop. And his consistent play between tailored clothing and high-end streetwear makes it unfair to also box his aesthetic.

London, who has successfully built his own brand, LVRS, has recently collaborated with streetwear and menswear favorites such as Surface to Air, 40 oz NYC, and Del Toro. Karl Lagerfeld has also taken a liking to him. We may have been hooked by his fly gear, but London's lasting-power in the style world may be as a designer and contributor, not simply an onlooker. 

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