Hoxton and Shoreditch

Location: London

Notable Galleries: Whitechapel Gallery, White Cube, Nelly Duff


Like most neighborhoods on this list, Hoxton and Shoreditch-or is it Hoxditch? Shorton?-was once a run-down area that's now experiencing a cultural resurgence. Some of the best street art in the city is in this East London neighborhood, where social, cultural, and educational fronts collide to make what many of the area's residents call a rich fabric of life, one rich in spirit above all else. Art is been a prevalent force in the neighborhood for decades, but a new vibrancy has added contemporary edge. Though there's been a long battle with up and coming cultural institutions and existing residential properties, that tension charges the area with a community-oriented feel, as social networks expand to accomplish goals both prosperous and aesthetic--there are more working artists in East London then on Paris' Left Bank.

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