Remember when you used to peruse the Life Archives and just get mad inspired? You’d be like, “Damn, farmers in eastern Russia had so much natural steez. How do I get on that level?” And then National Geographic started a Tumblr and you forgot all about Life. Well, you done fucked up because this Life photo essay, entitled "Teenage Wasteland: Japanese Youth in Revolt, 1964", is fucking incredible. Featuring disaffected youth listening to "Tokyo Beatles", popping sleeping pills (you probably prefer Xanax or whatever, but they still popped pills and sweat back in the day, so have some respect) dressing in gnarly gear, riding motorcycles, listening to jazz, and smoking cigs. Past, present, future, it doesn't matter—BEING DISAFFECTED IS ALWAYS COOL. Sure, they were grappling with the fallout from WWII, both literally and culturally, feeling isolated and alone, but guess what? Pain and suffering and ennui makes for some A+ style.