Words and photos by Noah Johnson (@noahvjohnson)

Coachella is a gigantic music festival that takes place in the desert of Southern California. It's dry and hot and the sun is vicious. They say that 90,000 people attend. Most of them are young, attractive, stylish, and high on something. For now, let's focus on the stylish part.

It's no secret that most people aren't there for the music. I mean, it's nice to see your favorite bands and rappers doing their thing against the backdrop of palm trees, desert mountains, and the glowing sun, but the real show is out in the crowd. Whether it's watching a euphoric hippie dance his way to nirvana (not the band), a white girl twerk like she's on YouTube, or a cool guy out flossing in his best, most Tumblr-friendly 'fit, the audience does not disappoint (even when the band you HAD to see does).

Here's a round up of street style and trends I spotted at Coachella this year. Good, bad, and weird—click through and learn a few new dos, don'ts, and WTFs of style. This is Street Style and Trend Spotting at Coachella 2013.

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