Robert Raimon Roy is a man of many skils. Rapper, singer, writer, producer, painter, illustrator, and conceptual artist are just a few of the roles he plays. Rising up the ranks of the Florida hip-hop circuit under the moniker MC Rob Roy, his 2009 video "Fur In My Cap" became a web phenomenon. RRR's work has been getting massive attention ever since, not only from fans, but from some of the biggest names in hip-hop.

In addition to his musical skills, Robert Raimon Roy is also an incredible visual artist, and on May 3rd, he will be showing off his talents at the Complex + Sonos' Future Takeover event in Los Angeles. Alongside a live DJ set by PASE ROCK, Triple R will be constructing some incredible live art as fans look on: three distinct paintings inspired by Future's top three singles. This is but one element of an evening of art and music inspired by Future's forthcoming album, Future Hendrix.

Space for the Future Sonos event is extremely limited, so RSVP now at You won't get the chance to see this much art, live, again anytime soon.