New York City has a pretty healthy appetite for luxury goods; it's also the home to many high-end knockoffs. It has long been illegal to produce or sell counterfeit goods, but it may now become a crime to purchase the goods, too—The New York Post reports.

It's hard to find someone who wasn't duped into purchasing a fake Rolex, pair of designer glasses, or a fallen-off-the-truck handbag. But New York councilwoman Margaret Chin wants to put a stop to this well-known practice. In fact, Chin has introduced legislature that could slap purchasers of counterfeit goods with up to a $1,000 fine and year in prison.

Does the time outweigh the cheap, poorly-made goods? It's hard to imagine anyone wanting to be confined for a year because they wanted to rock a watch that turned their wrist green.

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[via NY Post]