If you've followed Mark McNairy's recent rise to the top of the menswear kingdom, you've also, perhaps unknowingly, been tracking the short but successful fashion career of his daughter, Daisy. Working alongside her father as muse, model, stylist, and all-around Jill of all trades, Daisy recently wrote a personal essay about her experiences growing up in the shadow of her ever-increasingly famous father. 

Her XOJane essay questions what it means to devote her time and energy to the family biz while also exploring her personal interests and potential careers, and whether the two may actually converge. It's an interesting piece on the struggle that most kids have to deal with at a certain age—passion versus responsibility; taking a seemingly safe path or making a risky move—except she's doing it under the evil genius of menswear Mark McNairy. Read the full essay for an interesting look into the McNairy clan, and if this brand is set to become a true family business.

[via XOJane]