Juicy Couture is making a run for the worst brand, ever. After the brand lied about making its clothes in the "glamorous USA," it decided to cut its workers' hours to avoid offering health care benefits. Under current law, if an employer has more than 50 employees, anyone who works more than 30 hours must receive some sort of health care benefits. So, instead of dwindling its workforce down to 49 employees, the brand has decided to reduce employees' hours to 30 or less, leaving a mass of people who can't afford anything.

Workers, who worked 40-hour work weeks, have had their schedules reduced to as few as 14 hours a week, Jezebel reports. Realistically, there are few people who enjoy having to juggle three or four jobs just to pay rent (forget copping the latest Supreme collection), but that looks like the reality for a handful of Juicy Couture retail employees.

However, if you feel this is unjust, there's a petition you can sign. Click here if you want this situation changed.

[via Jezebel]