James Marcus Haney got into Coachella three years ago by hopping a fence and spending a night in a porta-potty. He ended up onstage with Muse and Jay-Z without a pass. He has spent his life hopping fences to concerts and taking photographs. Somehow he managed to get backstage at the Grammys and even past the Secret Service at a speech by Barack Obama, even shaking his hand.

"IT'S A WALL. GET OVER IT. The Unauthorized Photography of James Marcus Haney" tells his story of hopping fences and eventually making a career out of it. Mumford & Sons along with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros saw his work and asked him to tag along for their Railroad Revival Tour. He ended up taking the Mumford & Sons' Album of the Year Grammy winner "BABEL." The exhibition is being held in Venice Beach, CA tomorrow. Learn more about the show here.

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