A former Boston University student named Johannes Hirn created a photo essay entitled Will Box for Passport. The subject of the essay happened to be Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bombing suspect who has since been killed. 

It has been reported that once news broke that Tsarnaev was suspected in the incident, many publishers took screen shots of Hirn's PhotoShelter site and used the images for articles. Apparently there are many big names on the list who acquired the images without consent. Hirn's site has since been taken offline. 

Although the sites aren't completely to blame. The images were not watermarked and direct contact information was not available on Hirn's site. Also, he didn't take advantage of PhotoShelter's built-in ability to license images. The whole story is a lesson about the importance of protecting yourself from  image theft.

[via Petapixel]