Va$htie Kola is a woman of multiple talents and discriminating tastes. So how can bozos like us possibly woo her? Well, Va$htie recently sat down with Complex to discuss what she does—and certainly does not—look for in a man. Read and learn, boys. Read and learn.

What is the quickest way for a guy to impress you?

Looks and charm can only go so far. To really impress me, it takes good conversation, showing me that you have a sense of humor, ambition, and creativity. If you can make me laugh, then you’ll have my heart. Ambition is also importan. You don't have to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, but striving for personal greatness in whatever you do spells 'TURN-ON' in all caps. Last but not least: creativity. It doesn't have to be in traditional artistic terms, although that is a bonus, but being creative in your overall style or approach is so crucial.

What is the quickest way for a guy to turn you off?

Ignorance is a major turn-off. You don't have to be a scholar or a world traveler to have an open mind about new and different things. I love a man who is confident with who he is, yet is open to being around different kinds of people and exploring new worlds. A guy doesn't have to like the things I like or agree with my beliefs, but a little tolerance and interest go a long way.

You're known as "Downtown's Sweetheart." Do you prefer dudes with a downtown vibe or an uptown feel?

He can be from anywhere, but for me, having a downtown vibe is preferred. I like a guy who can roll with the punches, be my date to an art opening, or sit on a stoop with me and just people watch.

What often-overlooked aspect of personal grooming do you find impressive when a man actually pays attention to it?

Facial hair, definitely. I personally love a guy who has facial hair, but I also love when a guy shaves. Beard or clean-shave, though, he must have a clean face! That is so important to me. I’m not saying he has to be perfectly coiffed, but cleanliness and attention to detail are nice. He can look handsome in just sweatpants and a t-shirt, with either the right amount of facial hair or a lack thereof.

Would you rather have a mama's boy or a guy who barely speaks to his mom?

Wow, that's tough. Either can mean they possibly have issues with women. A mama's boy can be tough because, in his eyes, no other woman will compare to his mother—and although I wouldn't want to, I also don't want to feel like a third wheel. Then again, a guy who barely speaks to his mom could mean a slew of things. Maybe there is no beef, and they rarely speak because life is just very busy for both. But if he barely speaks to her for emotional or selfish reasons, and doesn't know to check on his mother, then that is a problem. This is hard. I'll actually go with the guy who barely speaks to his motheras long as he loves and adores her and is in good standing with her. If not, then I will unwillingly go with the mama's boy.

What does a guy's style convey to you about him?

It can convey his line of work, his interests, the brands he likes, and how important style is to him.

What kind of watch would your ideal man wear? We're presuming you don't prefer dudes who check their cell phone whenever he's curious what time it is...?

[Laughs.] You are correct! Well, I'm a simple girl and don't expect my ideal man to don fancy hardware on his wrist. I like G-Shocks or vintage Rolexes on a guy, but if he's really my ideal man, I won't care if he's wearing a watch or not.

What's your favorite kind of jacket on a guy? Moto? Blazer? 8-ball?

I love a classic pea coat or Barbour jacket. They're both timeless and have dapper written all over them.

What would be the ideal gift for a guy to surprise you with?

A camera is good, or an art book. Or a piece of art made by him, even if he isn't an artist—that would really warm my heart and make me smile.

What is the sweetest way a guy has ever surprised you?

After one of the roughest shoots I ever directed, I was heading home super lattired, in need of a bath and a meal. This special guy met me at my place, carried my bags in, ran a warm bath for me, and then had a warm meal waiting for me. After it was all done, he massaged me until I fell asleep.