If you have about a grand laying around, you could buy yourself a Nigel Cabourn jacket. But who has money like that anyways? In today's DIY culture, one woman decided that she wasn't going to fork over the cash for the designer's mixed material parka, but make one of her boyfriend instead. 

First, she bought a $17 jacket from Vogue 8842 to get the parka shell shape. Next, the tweed was applied from finding vintage fabric (code word: extra cheap). She then applied several toggle buttons to the coat, and lined it with excess tweed fabric (to give it warmth). All-in-all, the jacket came in way, way under the thousand-dollar mark. So if you don't want to wait for sale season, and want to be broke and stylish, this is the perfect example.

For better step-by-step advice, read her blog entry here.

[via Four Square Walls]