As if getting Frank Gehry to design their offices wasn't enough, Facebook has decided to reveal another fascinating aspect of their new Menlo Park, CA space—they're adding an extensive park that will include gardens and greenery across its 433,555-square-foot roof. Even if the initial description scared us into thinking the space might be too minimal or industrial-looking ("a large, one room building that somewhat resembles a warehouse"), we're now convinced it will be as multi-faceted and one-of-a-kind as all of Gehry's projects.

Unlike standard green roofs, it will have oak trees, a walking trail, furniture, and cafés. Facebook says, "We’re planting a ton of trees on the grounds and more on the rooftop garden that spans the entire building." Looks like the Silicon Valley tech companies continue to unofficially compete in the game of architecture and design (and we're not complaining). 

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[via FastCoExist]