Artur Beifuss and Francesco Trivini Bellini propose a new type of logo analysis in their book, Branding TerrorBased on official lists of "designated foreign terrorist organizations," the authors selected 60 terrorist organizations appointed by five governments—Australia, India, Russia, the United States, and the European Union—to analyze their representative logos.

In examining the choice of color and graphic elements in each emblem, common motifs such as weapon and animal imagery were realized, while certain purposes of the groups were also expressed in their symbolic representation. Beifuss, a former counter-terrorism analyst for the United Nations, and Bellini, a creative director, collaborated in creating an objective analysis of the logos purely based on their graphic design. The authors have said, "Branding Terror does not seek to make any political statements; rather, it offers insight into an understudied area of counterintelligence, and provides an original and provocative source of inspiration for graphic designers."

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[via It'sNiceThat]