Tie-dye is making a huge resurgence this season. Folks are opting for gear that their parents or '90s skaters might have rocked, but way more #menswear. A great example of this trend is Band of Outsider's rainbow short-sleeve oxford shirt. There's nothing a guy digs more than his oxford shirts (that we can expose here), so it makes perfect sense to rock a short-sleeved version all summer.

Normally, oxford shirts get too heavy for summer wear, but without the extra fabric—you'll be fine. Plus, as strange as it sounds, tie-dye really goes with everything. It's the peace-loving counterpart to camo print. You could probably write a midterm paper on the coincidences and matchability of the two prints, but that's too much work for here.

So, if you're interested in this shirt, hit up Need Supply and make a purchase. It will run you a hefty $275.