Jean jackets are cool, especially Nigel Cabourn jean jackets. Hopefully sideburns don’t make a comeback though. A lot of you assholes are probably gonna say something like, “Why would you buy a jean jacket made in England? AMERICAN INVENTED JEAN JACKETS.” Or, “Yeah, they cool as long as you don’t try and pull of the Canadian Tuxedo.” I will address these two issues separately:

First, this isn’t just a random jean jacket made in England. It’s a Nigel Cabourn jacket, which means it’s nicer than your car. Also, the automobile was arguably perfected in the United States, but would that stop you from buying an Italian supercar? Or a fine German automobile? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT, YOU GOODAMN ISOLATIONIST.

Also, there is nothing wrong with all denim everything. Fuck your social norms. HELLO, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE PULLED THAT SHIT OFF. And despite what every girl has ever said, you’re all as cool as Justin Timberlake.