So, who is this Naoto Fukasawa cat who designed this folding chair? Haven’t heard of him? Have you heard of MUJI? How about that amazing wall-mounted CD player that was mad famous and lauded by people who laud things like industrial design? Who the fuck cares because this is a fancy folding chair and the idea of a fancy folding chair is some hilarious shit. I mean, this chair doesn’t even have wheels. I guess if you’re a sucker and you live somewhere dumb like New York, things like space are at a premium and you build steel pipe clothing racks you see on Tumblr because you don't have a closet even though that thing takes up, like, half of your living room. When that girl from Bushwick comes over for take out, hit her (not literally) with this fancy folding chair and when the "holy shit, this asshole has $500 worth of cotton on his body, but he can’t afford a real chair" look registers on her face, simply show her this post and get on with your miserable date.