Photographer 13th Witness, a.k.a Timothy McGurr, has expanded his portfolio over the years. Not only is his Instagram profile a must follow, he’s on top of the list of names to call if brands want to shoot dope lookbooks. Today, he debuts his new project which gives his fans a chance to own a piece of his work.

"The Classified Portrait" collection revolves around one photo of a badass babe with a gun. If your Tumblr game is on point, you might have seen this image all over the Internets. The photo is printed on a couple instacop items including a T-shirt and an 11’ x 7’ print, with a framed version also available. All are available in three different colors; black-and-white, ice, and color. If you’re a fan of his work, this is an opportunity you can’t sleep on. Visit the 13th Witness website to cop. 

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