Brand Lifespan: Early '90s-1995
Key Pieces: Streetwear/Skate wardrobe staples
Where to find now: very rare on eBay

No, not Dov Charney. We're talking about the former hip-hop-inspired streetwear brand you've never heard of, but should learn about. It doesn't get more underground then Pervert. The brand that started Supreme Creative Director Brendan Babenzien's love-affair with streetwear, Pervert's documentation and signs of existence are slim, but ask anyone growing up on the East Coast in the '90s and they will confirm its power in streetwear. Puffy vests, bucket hats and jerseys with 69 on them were coveted items for skaters and hip-hop artist, but when the brand's lead, Don Busweiler, decided to unceremoniously abandon it to join a cult circa 1995, that kind of puts a damper on shit. But today, this would probably add to the allure, wouldn't it?