Brand Lifespan: 1998-early 2000s; 2008-2010
Key Pieces: T-shirts, hoodies, collaborations with artists and brands
Where to find now: Buy/Sell forums on Hypebeast; eBay

The brand simply known by an iconic "A#," the Alphanumeric "EnvironMental Protection Company" not only had a stronghold on the '90s skate scene, but incorporated surfing, snowboarding music and car into it's clothing. Early streetwear adopters, they stuck around until the late 2000s, still bringing us killer graphic T-shirts and jackets. Although founders Mikro Mangum, Sal Masekela and Alyasha Owerka-Moore attempted to revive the brand in 2008, it seems they called it quits again after the 2010 season. But really, how can you not want more from the brand behind one of the greatest Dunks of all-time?