Boreas Gear introduces a versatile collection of bags that can cover any types of adventure, but it needs your help making them. Named the Bootlegger Modular Pack, it’s a versatile set of bags all working off the its Super Tramp System. This is the perfect bag for weekend warriors that love to explore the outdoors.

There are three bags total that consist of the Torpedo Hydration, Hopper, and the Scrimshaw. Each bag has a separate purpose for whatever adventures you feel like taking on. If you want to keep hydrated during bike rides strap on the Torpedo Hydration pack. For longer trips out in the woods swap the Super Tramp System into the Hopper for bigger space for your gear. If you plan on doing water activities, drop the Hopper into waterproof Scrimshaw bag. Think of it as the transformer of bags. Visit the Bootlegger Modular Pack Kickstarter page for more info.