Everyone has ideas, but not everyone has the money to make them reality. Sure you can ask your parents for extra cash, but that’s only going to take you so far—unless your parents are really rich. You can also chase down high-roller investors for seed money, and if you're lucky you can get Ashton Kutcher to invest. Another way however is using the power of the Internets.

Kickstarter has made it easier for entrepreneurs to get their creative projects off the ground. You simply start your own page, pitch the product you would like to develop, set your funding goal, and hopefully people like it enough to back you. Backers also don't have to commit to thousands of dollars to help out, and they're rewarded with clothes, discounts, and packaged deals as a thank you for their support. It's a win-win for both parties involved.

We took some time to look at what eager designers have to offer and rounded up a couple that caught our eye. From simple socks to advanced backpack contraptions, here’s a look at 10 Awesome Kickstarter Brands worth checking out. 

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