Mark McNairy has had expo shorts in his collections for a few years now. I’m writing about these shorts because one time in, like, 2010 Mark gave me a pair of expo shorts. STRAIGHT UP, MCNAIRY JUST GAVE ME A PAIR OF SHORTS IN A GARBAGE BAG. That’s when I knew I had officially made it. I’m pretty sure he was all, “Hey, you want these? Hottest garbage in the streets right now.” Something to that extent. Then we went outside and I pretended I was the kind of guy who totally smoked cigarettes on the reg with McNasty. But for real, these shorts are dope. The buckle is next level and the zip cargo pocket is perfect for keeping your wallet from unbalancing you butt. You eventually have take some of those business cards out. No way you’re going to randomly run into 500 people who need to know that you're a unpaid freelance writer.