If you still buy "timeless" pieces, there's a good chance your wardrobe sucks. This doesn't mean you shouldn't sport menswear—you just need to wear brands like Shades of Grey. The Micah Cohen-designed brand is a shining example of the new direction that menswear is headed. When we first discovered tailored clothing, we all wanted to dress like movie stars of years past. Then we realized that suits are wack to wear everyday.

Shades of Grey's spring/summer 2013 collection lets you dress well without looking like a relic. The brand's mix of casual suits, tapered sweatpants, and floral prints will allow you to look undoubtedly fresh, but with a slight hint of unpretentious sophistication. We don't suggest you ever wear a suit on a beach (those weddings are awful), but try and have a little bit of fun this season.