You've finally moved out and got yourself an actual apartment with actual space that needs to be filled with actual things. Congratulations on becoming half a grown up, bro! But the transition into full-fledged adulthood isn't easy—just ask Ray and Shoshanna (yeah, I just made a Girls reference, fucking deal with it). All of a sudden you've got semi-grown up things to consider like what shower curtains to buy or what kinds of drinks to stock in your fridge because bitches love drinks. But you know what you really need for your new spot? This ridiculous eco-friendly rug made of post-consumer recycled denim. Nudie Jeans is re-purposing their old, worn in denim into Scandinavian-style rugs that are worthy of any apartment within the legal confines of Brooklyn. They ain't cheap, but they definitely make being a kidult all the more irresponsible and fun. They're available now at Nudie Jeans House in L.A. and Nudie Jeans Concept Stores worldwide, wherever the fuck those happen to be.