If there's one thing that's certain about James Shields, it's the fact that he will never conform. Since 2009, the Stockton, CA native has been riding the highs and lows of an unpredictable artist's life after being laid off from a secure, corporate job at Macy's. Giving credit to a lack of interest and a "slight form of ADD," Shields planned to escape the mundanity regardless—the severance package just happened to gift wrap the move. Being jobless with a little extra cash to buy art supplies brought forth a bounty of inspiration. Over the course of a few weeks after his departure, Shields got back into creating his art and thus gave life to his moniker, "Creative."

Last year, Creative got our attention with his Hip Hop Coloring Book. Currently working on the second volume, he's been able to bring hip-hop to the classroom and instruct his own workshops. Balancing life between the hustle and bustle of both Cali and New York, Creative has accomplished some amazing feats in just a short while. Complex got a chance to catch up with him and learn the stories behind his work. Now we know why his winning streak won't let up. 

Portfolio Review: Artist and Painter Creative Shields Shares His Favorite Works