Even though Macklemore’s single “Thrift Shop” has enlightened everyone with only $20 in their pockets about the major come ups found at thrift shops, it really hasn’t translated into sales at actual thrift shops. Yes, someone took the time to look into this. International Business Time reports, “the nation's re-sale, secondhand and thrift shops, the hype surrounding the song doesn’t seem to have increased any revenues.” Plenty of thrift shop owners are also reporting no increase in sales since the songs unexpected rise on the Billboard charts.

With 4 million digital copies sold, you would think this was the best publicity for these value saving outlets but apparently it’s not. Why is that? Is it because the majority of Americans always want something new? Maybe people are scared of bed bugs? But we think it’s because televangelist Pat Robertson warned that there could be a demons hiding inside that sweater purchased from Goodwill.

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