Yesterday, Kid Cudi revealed the album cover and tracklist for his highly anticipated new album, Indicud, out 4/23. This is the first solo album cover he's not pictured in, with the exception being his collaborative album, WZRD, with Dot da Genius. The progression of Cudi's album artwork has been as unpredictable and futuristic as his music, but Indicud takes his visuals a step further.

Complex has learned that Cudi designed the album cover to reflect both the album, Indicud, and Cudi himself—a ball of flames in a rose gold frame. Last November, Cudi tweeted, "All my videos will be in a baroque frame. I create art, so it will be presented as such. ART IN MOTION." He's stayed true to that idea with this cover, which uses flames to show the "art in motion."

Baroque frames are significant, as they refer to a period of art that was aesthetically dramatic, emotional, and opulent. Baroque art expresses power using exaggerated detail, and Cudi's cover does the same. We look forward to seeing which work he decides to frame next.

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