This past week, Frank Ocean sat front row at the Dior, Givenchy, and Valentino fashion shows in Paris. It was sort of unexpected and, well, expected at the same time (the latter because he has been working on his personal style). In any case, anyone who saw the photos of the singer at the aforementioned shows probably had one thing in mind: What did Frank think of Paris fashion week?

Fashionista caught up with the Channel Orange singer to pick his brain. Read on below.

On his thoughts on Paris fashion week:

"I think fashion shows are great. The production that goes into doing these sorts of things is pretty inspiring and I just like to see beautiful things and beautiful people. All people are beautiful."

On what he liked best about the shows:

"I went to Givenchy and I loved the noise that the sheer dresses made. I saw Chanel and there was a cool double-bag hip thing that one of the girls wore that was pretty fly. The production was pretty awesome at the Grand Palais, too. It’s a beautiful place. I saw Dior and I think Raf did a really good job. I loved the production there also."

On whether he liked any of the music at the shows:

"I loved the music at the Chanel show… that was great."

[via Fashionista]

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