Designer Umit Benan, who was appointed creative director in 2011, is leaving Trussardi. The label made an official announcement, stating that Benan's departure was simply a direct result of the expiration of his contract. Although Benan later said "there were too many visions in one company" and decided it was time to move on,  it looks like he might have expressed his real feelings on Twitter, even prompting some to believe his facial hard had something to do with his bow out. 

"I have just completed my internship at Trussardi,” tweeted Benan. “Remember the finale song at Trussardi women’s show :) ‘Road to Nowhere.’ No wonder why I love Talking Heads so much.” And a day after Trussardi released its statement, Benan tweeted, "You can’t hire me and ask me to shave. Doesn’t make sense :)" Subliminal shots?

[via Fashionista]