Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger's Gucci addiction was too real. After he penned his confessional article for GQ, they tried to make him go to rehab and he said, "OK, fuck it." We're not positive that was the writer's exact words, but as of Tuesday evening, Bissinger has checked himself into a rehab facility, Today reports.

The article is what made Bissinger realize he had a problem. “It wasn't until the preparation of this story that I actually took a detailed look at the items I have purchased from 2010 through 2012. I was afraid, quite candidly, although a total of a quarter of a million dollars would not have fazed me,” Bissinger said, “I was somewhat off: $587,412.97."

So, maybe the author won't be buried in the Gucci store, or he'll simply have better taste when emerges from the facility, sober and clear-minded. If not, he should read this.

[via Today]